Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about The Mandate Live Platform.

Could this debate be adjudges as biased by the public in anyway?

We are non-partisan and with no relationship with any of the candidates.

Candidates were actually chosen based on their pedigree after a thorough research.

The panelists are reputable journalists working for an international media organisation

Could the sponsors/partners be tagged as being political?

This is strictly an educative public event.

Can the debate be influenced?

Egghead Limited is a reputable organization with a track record of professional service. The company does not compromise standards and will not be influenced by any candidate, party, individual or groups.

what is the mileage for partners/sponsors?

Millions of Nigerians are looking forward to witnessing a presidential debate. The need for one has long been trending on social media. It’s a must watch for intending voters and international observers.

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