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The Mandate

  • THE MANDATE is an erudite debate platform for political candidates contesting for different elective positions to inform the electorate and the international community about their manifesto; to justify that they are best-fit for the top job. It also presents the electorate an unbiased platform to make informed individual choices ahead of elections.
  • The Mandate is an unbiased event which has been designed to offer a global outlook and reach. Whether, win or loose, the candidates would have leverage on the platform to position themselves as a force of reckon in Nigeria and amongst the international community.
  • At the end of the debate, the candidates are able to garner feedbacks and pick up ideas that could be helpful in policy development and implementation should they emerge the eventual winner.

The Debate

Essence of the debate

  • Political debates have over the years served as a veritable platform for candidates and their parties to present their policies, vision and execution plan for public scrutiny to sway votes in favour of their candidates.
  • Debates offer the candidates/parties a rare opportunity to sell their objectives to the electorate.
  • It presents an opportunity for the voters to make up their mind about candidates to vote for after comparing electoral promises made by participants

Score card is a performance evaluation for public office holders

in careful and unbiased manner, it helps to bridge the gap by bringing to light the actual execution on promises made and expectations in a live event. The central and state government as well as head of different agencies and parastatals will be evaluated based on balanced scorecard model. The aim is to change the present accountability culture, management systems, and processes consistent with the international standards on accountability in government, in order to establish and maintain: a people  focus, a sense of urgency, continuous and breakthrough process improvement, and an emphasis on results Scorecard birthed with hosting of the then Inspector general of police to thorough evaluation in 2012 and 2013


As the name implies, it is the stock taking , examination or appraisal of how well the APC led government has performed in the period under review (4 years).

We have put together a team of home and international rating and evaluation experts using key performance economic indicators: infrastructure, power, transportation, education, health, investment etc which will be categorized under outputs and inputs, to arrive at the results. The main event is the LIVE presentation of the performance before a select live audience that will be broadcast live locally and internationally.

The beauty of this event is that, Nigerians will begin to appreciate the fact that good governance is a team work, as our team will go on inspection of all the states  for inspection, which will be collated for the examination in a documentary format.

Our team of international rating company will ensure its well communicated to present the best and fair position. We will be communicating in detail later on full execution.

THE BENEFITS – Why the score cards

The rise in demand for accountability governance by the electorates cannot be over-emphasized. The presentation of the Scorecard by this  government will benefit both the government and the public in the following ways:

  • To provide the means to establish a common denominator for comparison over time(facts with data versus fictions/malicious reports.
  • Quench the fireworks of dissatisfactions currently ravaging the country causing national tension.
  • To gauge the direction and the speed of change.
  • To provide a means for good ground for strategic thinking, planning and execution; and of course create good relationship, or repair the relationship between the electorates and their leaders.
  • Give Nigerians/public a clearer picture of the government’s agenda / developmental strategies.
  • Position the APC government as a people oriented government.
  • To broaden citizen’s perspective, and help manage their expectations based on facts.
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